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Freight Forwarder Liability Insurance

Freight movement involves transportation of goods via sea, air, and land. It is not uncommon to witness accidents that result in the destruction of valuable cargo worth millions of Dollars. As a transport liability insurance specialist, Risk Management provides comprehensive liability insurance coverage for multimodal transport operators to protect themselves in the case of such accidents.

Typical coverage under a freight forwarder liability policy includes:

Bill of Lading Liability
Errors & Omissions (E&O)
Bailee Liability for Warehouse and Trucking Operations
Packing and Container Stuffing Liability*
Container and Transportation Equipment Coverage*
Customs Liability *
Third Party Liability *
(* Subject to availability in certain policies) 

Our service provides the following advantages to our clients:

The base coverage of the freight forwarder policy protects you against claims for physical loss or damage to your customers’ goods for which you are legally liable, as well as for financial loss. With these two coverage acting as a foundation, an array of optional liability coverage is available to tailor a policy to meet exposures specific to your operations. The insurance policies we propose will meet the insurance requirements for issuance of house documents (bills of lading, air waybills, etc.) as may be required under international and national freight associations recommended terms and conditions of service.

By combining multiple coverages into one integrated policy, many coverage gaps typically found in other insurance policies are eliminated. There is no duplication of coverage, so insurance premiums are kept to a minimum. A wide range of limits and deductibles is also available.

Our responsive risk placement and claims handling reflect our commitment to serving our customers. In a claim situation, we do not just act as a mailbox between our client and the insurer. Our claims department provides prompt and efficient responses including clear cut instructions on what you need to do to protect your company’s interest.

As a leading underwriter of specialty products for the international trade community, we understand our clients’ insurance needs. Our technical expertise in transportation coverage enables us to provide innovative, quality products. With our practical hands-on claims handling service, we help to relieve our client from the burdens of claims administration.

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