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Commercial Insurance

RMIB’s Commercial Division consists of 3 departments providing the following set of insurance brokerage services:

Employee Benefits

Our EB Department specializes in helping our clients to design, communicate and implement health plans for their employees while maximizing our clients’ insurance dollars with competitive pricing coupled with the broadest coverage available.

Transportation Department

As a transport liability insurance specialist, Risk Management is a leading provider of a comprehensive solution for transport-related risks faced by the transport companies in their daily operation. These include freight forward, warehouseman and trucker liability insurance. Also, we are the bonding specialist for FMC and US Customs Bonds in Hong Kong and Asia.

General Insurance and Specialty Lines Department

Our General and Specialty Lines Department provides general insurance coverage (non-life coverage) for our corporate clients. Our service includes a comprehensive set of coverage including office insurance, business insurance, group travel, fire, burglary, and theft. Our team also provides specialty insurance solutions to our clients including professional liability, product liability, D&O insurance and other specialized coverage.

MPF Services

We have been providing our MPF services since December 1, 2000, when the MPF system came into operation in Hong Kong.