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IPM Service

This unique, well-defined, & structurally laid out service is currently available to our corporate clients with multiple policies from various insurers. Risk Management Insurance Brokerage Ltd. applies disciplined & structured approach for insurance portfolio management (IPM), eliminating coverage gaps or overlaps for your existing insurance policies.

All three departments of our company work with the best minds in sector management, credit analysis, quantitative analysis and risk analysis to maximize our insurance portfolio management.

Achieving long-term success and peace of mind for our clients is what makes us proud in managing their portfolio. By applying our methodology and commitment to excellence, our customers are assured of total protection.

Our systematic approach for IPM consists of 6 steps:

1.       Professional Consultation on Insurance Plan Design

  • · Identification of your risk exposure on different business nature
  • · Recommendation on appropriate risk management control through adequate insurance protection and improving internal risk reduction
  • · Professional advice to establish adequate and suitable insurance coverage
  • · Regular evaluation on the plan design to keep up with related legislative changes and product development in the market.

2.       Obtain competitive quotations

  • · Because of our continuous and thorough research of the market, we can promptly obtain competitive quotes from insurance companies that match our client’s needs.
  • · In certain situations, we can even work with our client and the insurer to come up with a custom plan specifically tailored for our client.

3.       Professional Analysis After Thorough Sourcing Process

We base our recommendation on a broad range of factors including:

  • · Financial security
  • · Level of expertise
  • · Performances on Claims services
  • · Level of Administrative Efficiency & Support
  • · Underwriting flexibility & Benefits Coverage
  • · Costing Competitiveness
  • · Availability of value added benefits

4.       Negotiation with Insurer

  • · Once our clients have short-listed their choice of insurance companies, we will further negotiate with these companies on behalf of our customers to ensure that they are receiving the best rate with the maximum amount of coverage available.
  • · It is our never-ending duty to negotiate a competitive premium with the insurance companies. Upon renewal of each scheme, we will provide a re-market of your coverage to ensure the best deal for our client year after year.

5.       Efficient & Comprehensive After-Sales Services

  • · All policy documents are thoroughly checked before delivery to our client to ensure required coverage matches the client’s instructions
  • · Provide advice and support to Plan Administrator to implement and manage the customized insurance program
  • · Regular meeting with your Plan Administrators for coordinating the administrative duties
  • · Organize seminars for insured members and Plan Administrator, if so required
  • · Periodical reviews on Corporate Insurance needs and updates
  • · Customer Service Officers will be assigned to provide support
  • · Prompt response to client’s inquiry on full details of insurance coverage, period of insurance, property insured, and insured value

6.       Responsive and Speedy Claims Services

  • · Carefully monitor the claims settlement and turnaround time
  • · Speedy and timely response to claim inquiry
  • · Prompt arrangement for on-site claim survey within 24 hours
  • · Analysis of claims reports
  • · Advice on claims & costs control