Tariff Filing

Please note that an NVOCC Bond alone does not achieve the whole process for FMC registration.  You must also complete the tariff filing and then obtain the approval from FMC before you can issue B/L for US Shipment.  The bond applicant is required to prove its tariff filing within 30 days after the bond issuance.  Failure to file a tariff will result in cancellation of the bond.
For Tariff Filing and FMC registration progress, we recommend that you contact Distribution Publication Inc. (DPI) if you are not currently using a tariff publisher.  We have been working with DPI for more than a decade, and most of our existing bond clients are using the services of DPI.  Our bond clients are pleased with the professionalism and service commitment of DPI.  You are suggested to contact Mr. James Devine at jdevine@dpiusa.com or Ms. Annie Nguyen at annie@dpiusa.com 
The website for DPI is www.dpiusa.com/.